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Blue Zone Enterprises was founded by C. John Stanchina in June, 2007 to commercialize two devices he developed during the course of his rehabilitation from a crippling skiing accident in January of 2000. Originally crafted for his own personal use, the Hound-a-bout™ hands-free dog walking system and the Utilitote™ hands-free rigid carrier later proved to be so instrumental in his recovery and such an integral part of his daily activity that he believed others in situations like his could derive similar benefits from their commercial availability.

As Blue Zone Enterprises grows, C. John envisions expanding the company’s activities to include publishing a growing list of articles on technologies and techniques that could help those paralyzed by injury or disease speed their return to independent, healthy living. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look around our corner of the world wide web, learn more about the Hound-a-bout hands-free dog walking system and the Utilitote hands-free rigid carrier, and see if these innovative devices could help you or someone you know or love enhance their quality of life.

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Blue Zone Enterprises Founder and Chief Executive, C. John Stanchina, with Chief Canine Officer, Louie
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