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Have you HAD IT with the hostility, violence, vitriol & abuse hurled at law enforcement recently?
If so, why not #BuyACopACup?

We here at Blue Zone Enterprises are done being part of the silent majority.  We are through sitting quietly by as seemingly endless coverage is given to activist groups that vilify those who protect us.

As people living with disabilities, we recognize that we can often be perceived as more vulnerable targets by criminally violent predators when compared to our able bodied counterparts. And we recognize that the men and women who don the uniform every day and vow to protect and serve populations like ours have an extremely difficult job and receive far too little recognition for doing it.

While we could engage in counter protests in support of law enforcement, we are concerned that such a course of action may result in even more violence.  So we decided to offer the media a different narrative – something positive to cover.  Consequently, we are launching our #BuyACopACup Initiative via example, via social media, and via main stream media outreach.  How can you help?  That is simple:

1.    Head on down to your local coffee shop and buy as many $5 gift cards as your financial circumstances allow.

2.    Visit your local police station, sheriff’s office or state patrol outpost, leave those gift cards with a department representative and ask that they distribute them to the officers who patrol our communities and respond to our calls for service.  Or, if you happen to meet law enforcement officers during your day to day activities, pass the cards out yourself.

3.    If possible, get a pic of you sharing a cup of coffee with one of your local cops, and post or tweet it out under the hashtag #BuyACopACup.  And PLEASE, express your gratitude to them for doing what they do, day in and day out.

OR, if you want to support our #BuyACopACup Initiative, but don’t have the time to buy and hand out the gift cards yourself, you can always use PayPal to send a donation to  Mobile phone users can text “Send [dollar amount] to 6123090031” to 729725 (PayPal).  Examples on how to donate via text message are also shown below.  We will then use 100% of the proceeds to purchase and distribute coffee shop gift cards to law enforcement agencies in our area.

Finally, please spread the word about this campaign to anyone who will listen.  We can help with that, too. Simply e-mail any photos you take in support of our #BuyACopACup Initiative to, along with a little description of where the photo was taken and who is in it.  We will post those pics to this page in recognition of your generosity.

Blue Zone Enterprises is so thankful for the men and women who join arm in arm and form the Thin Blue Line that protects the innocent from the violence and anarchy that would ensue in the absence of their dedicated, selfless service.  We are grateful for you and we celebrate you.

Take care and stay safe,

C. John Stanchina

Founder & Chief Executive

Blue Zone Enterprises, LLC

The #BuyACopACup Initiative

Pick up some gift cards from your local coffee shop.

Get them into the hands of local law enforcement officers & tell them “thank you” for what they do.

Get a picture & share it on social media using #BuyACopACup.

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