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The key to the Hound-a-bout™ system’s design lies in positioning a retractable leash at a height that allows the cord to clear the wheelchair operator, even as the leash rotates freely and completely about the anchor assembly at the top of the mast.  The mast itself, a T-6061, clear-anodized, extruded aluminum tube, is the backbone of the Hound-a-bout system.  With a wall thickness of roughly 1/3 of an inch, it is guaranteed to remain rigidly opposed to the tug of even the most spirited small dog.  And at a height of approximately 60 inches, this mast provides sufficient leash clearance for wheelchair users up to 6 feet tall.  All of this is delivered while maintaining a total system weight of just 4¾ pounds.

If the anodized aluminum mast is the backbone of the Hound-a-bout system, then its heart is the world’s best-selling retractable leash, the Flexi Classic One Long. This leash gives your dog up to 26 feet of roaming freedom from its mounting point at the top of the Hound-a-bout mast.  And as an added safety and comfort enhancement, we have included a custom-made, elastic connection in the form of a dual-looped bungee assembly.  So, instead of hooking the leash’s clasp directly to the D-ring on your dog’s collar or harness, one looped end of the bungee assembly is held by the leash’s clasp, while the other is fed through the collar/harness D-rings and back to the clasp on the leash.  This connection method creates an elastic interface between you and your dog, thereby mitigating the effects of a “hard stop” that would otherwise jolt the both of you if your dog were to attempt to run the leash beyond its limit.  The result is a secure, flexible loop that is safer and more comfortable for users on both ends of the Hound-a-bout system.

Above, right - Rotating anchor assemblies await installation at Blue Zone Enterprises' Plymouth, MN production facility

Left - An example of the range your dog can enjoy on the Hound-a-bout system

Right - A closeup of the proper setup of the dual-looped bungee assembly
How the Hound-a-bout system works...
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