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Forever the face...
Sam Malone
Samuel L Jackson
Sam Adams
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Davis Jr.
Sam Sam Salabam
Sammy Hagar

This is Sam.  With his playful enthusiasm, faithful companionship and unconditional love, he single-handedly saved C. John's quality of life following his crippling skiing accident in January of 2000.  Sam was also C. John's inspiration for inventing the Hound-a-bout™ hands-free dog walking system.  As such, he will live forever as the face of this life-changing device.

C. John and Sam thrived on each other's company for nearly six years.  But unfortunately, Sam developed lymphoma in August of 2007, and after one successful round of chemotherapy, succumbed to the disease in May of 2008.

You can read more about Sam's story by clicking here.  But at the very least, we hope you will view the tribute video to Sam below, and smile at all of the nick names scattered about this page, that C. John came up with for his dear, dear friend during their time together.

God Bless, are sorely missed.

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