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In June 2007, C. John Stanchina founded Blue Zone Enterprises, LLC to commercialize the Utilitoteô hands-free rigid carrier, along with other hands-free technologies he developed during the course of his recovery.  In the case of the Utilitote carrier, these development efforts have produced a simple, sturdy, reliable, lightweight solution for individuals who need to carry a variety of things hands-free, yet securely.  Those who try the Utilitote carrier will find they use it every day, several times a day. Thus far, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for:

       Getting groceries into the house

       Taking garbage and recycling out of the house

       Carrying tools and supplies for home improvement projects

      Securely transporting as much as a case of wine or as little as a glass of wine; If the glass tips, so what?  The binís solid plastic bottom protects the userís clothes from the stain of the spilled beverage.

      Moving everyday items like mail or laundry between floors while using a stair lift chair

       Toting full watering cans for tending to house plants

       Safely and snugly porting pets both in and out of the house

      And reliably carrying fragile valuables like a laptop or digital camera equipment.

The Utilitote carrier's many uses...
Great for home improvement projects
Trust precious cargo with nothing less
Tote tools required for wheelchair maintenance
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