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Setting up the Hound-a-bout system...

2. Position the Flexi leash (C) so the carabiner (B) holds the end of the handle with the wider opening, and the leash reel stop button (F) faces down and toward the Hound-a-bout™ mast (G).

3.  Remove one of your wheelchair’s swing-away, tubular arm rests and drop the Hound-a-bout mast (G) into the empty arm rest receiver.

4.  To hook your dog up to the Hound-a-bout system, open the Flexi leash clasp (E) and release one end of the dual-looped bungee assembly (D).  Pass the released loop through the D-ring(s) on your dog’s collar and/or harness, and back to the leash clasp, securing it in its original position.  For a graphic depiction of the proper deployment of the dual-looped bungee assembly, please refer to the photo in the lower right-hand corner on the Hound-a-bout Specifics page.

NOTE:  While neither a collar nor a torso harness is provided with the Hound-a-bout system, Blue Zone Enterprises recommends you use both to secure your dog to the system, as this practice offers a degree of redundancy should either the collar or the harness fail.

5.  Enjoy the physical, emotional and social benefits of dog walking with the Hound-a-bout system, while always paying strict attention to the Product Use Advisories.

(Please refer to the picture below and to the right)

1. Confirm the carabiner (B) is oriented so its narrow end is cradled by the nickel-plated snap clip (A), and its wide end cradles the handle of the Flexi leash (C).

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